Thank you for taking the time to read this update. As I have written in these communications before, it has been a particularly busy year for all of our business units, and the recent month or so has been no different, but for different reasons as we turned our attention to equipment maintenance and tendering. Pleasingly, and more broadly we are able to reflect on a largely successful financial year, so please accept my thanks, and the thanks of the Board and Management for your hard work in assisting to achieve this outcome.


The company reported 11 Incidents in July. Breaking these down, there were eight safety incidents – four involving plant/vehicles, one unsafe act – jumping off machinery, two quality incidents involving aggregate being dumped in the wrong pile and a skip bin slipping off the rail) and one environmental matter (hazard identification – bitumen tank too hot). It is pleasing to note that we also received 3 hazard reports proactively identifying potential risks. We have implemented a full and detailed program of training over the past month – including first aid, licencing, fire safety, working safely with bitumen, traffic control, anti-discrimination, manual handling and de-icing training. We are set to “roll out” SafetyCircle training again, and for the first time we are introducing spotter training, defensive driving and wildlife roadside rescue training.


As it is across the state and across the country, the management of COVID-19 remains a topical issue in our business. As the Delta strain continues to spread rapidly across the mainland states, Tasmania currently remains unaffected. It should be noted then if/when there are community transmissions within Tasmania the Government has announced their intention to lock the state down immediately for a minimum three-to-five-day period. This time around it is intended that Civil industries will NOT be classified as essential work meaning our business is likely to be prevented from working. We are actively working with the Civil Construction Federation to lobby the Government to prevent our industry being shuttered in the event a state-wide lockdown is declared. The industry’s best hope is if we can demonstrate to Government that we are fully compliant with current requirements and we actively display good COVID-19 management practices when working out on the roads. Please ensure you continue to be vigilant with your personal hygiene and sanitisation of hands and shared vehicles, plant and work areas. Please also make sure you are abiding by all of the Tasmanian Government health requirements. At the same time, it is pleasing to note that Tasmania is ahead of all states with vaccination levels. If you have not had your vaccination, I encourage you to operate inside the SafetyCircle and get vaccinated for your safety, for the safety of your families and for the safety of your colleagues and the community at large.

Operational Activity:

During our traditional “quiet” period from an operational perspective, we have been busy instead with maintenance of plant and equipment, getting ready for upcoming works and finalising tenders across all business units. Roadways has secured three important tenders – the Department of State Growth (DSG) southern reseal contract C3330, the Glenorchy City Council reseal tender for three years (plus extension for a possible further two years) and the Burnie City Council reseal tender for the next 12 months. Statewide Linemarking has been getting ready to continue on the DSG contract 3101 and will also work on DSG C3330 with Roadways. Protector Rail secured the work for the Hobart City Council Pinnacle Road safety improvements contract which involves the installation of 1.2 kilometres of barrier rail and a number of minor civil components. Gaspersic are well underway with a major upgrade of a stormwater main through the middle of Queenstown.

Corporate Activity:

We have seen a number of staff movements since my last report. Damian Duggan has left Protector Rail, while Todd Cooper and Leah Denney have both left Statewide Linemarking. Sonya Divirgilio completed her six month contract with the administration team at Glenorchy. Thank you all for your service and time with us, and good luck with your next opportunity. We welcomed Tony Butler at the end of July who has joined the Safety team as our Safety Improvement Leader. He has already been busy out and about in the field across all business units. Tony brings with him a wealth of safety experience and has worked across some high-risk industries and we are keen to benefit from his knowledge. Gabby Clackson has joined us for six months as our finance officer while Kristy Guinan has been seconded to work with Neridene Bracken on a payroll improvement project. We also have Anna Williams join the team as our administration officer in the front office. Last but not least Prince Khadka commenced today as Estimator. Prince has a vast array of experience as a civil engineer, working and studying oversees and now brings his skills to the Protector Rail/Civil arm of the business. Please join me in welcoming everyone to the IHGroup team. We recently attended the annual Civil Contractors Federation Earth Awards which recognises excellence and innovation across the civil construction industry in the state. We had four nominees in various categories this year and I am pleased to advise that Harley Mannie was the joint winner of the Trainee of the Year Award. Also nominated were Jayden Triffett and Johnny Pearce. Congratulations Harley for winning, and congratulations also to Johnny and Jayden for being nominated. We are very proud to be in a position to create jobs in our industry and to start careers for such great young people. Also nominated was Brendan Hayers, for the Operator of the Year Award, and the broader IHG business for training and development of employees. While we unfortunately did not win the award for either of these categories, we are still very proud of our nominations and the work done to underpin them. Further, we congratulate the following employees for their long-standing service to the business. Firstly Lyall Collis who has served 27 years in the business as of July. This is an extraordinary effort only to be slightly trumped by Carl (Rocky) Winzil who served 27 years as of March. We also congratulate Jamie Collins who has served 10 years as of July.

In closing…

Finally, in closing, let’s not be complacent, both from an operational perspective and a safety one. Safety will always be a critical issue for everyone and all of our business units, so please continue to be vigilant with your safety practices, and please stay inside the SafetyCircle. And can I encourage you to re-read the COVID-19 message above and remind yourself of what you need to do to keep yourself and your work mates within the SafetyCircle.